Amazon offers bonuses of up to 15 extra seconds toilet break in the run up to Christmas

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Amazon is to offer bonuses of up to 15 full extra seconds to go to the toilet during your shift in order to attract staff in the run-up to Christmas.

The online retail giant which hopes to recruit up to 20,000 positions across its UK network over the festive season revealed its lucrative offer earlier to counter allegations of poor working conditions amongst the many UK and US staff.

A spokesman for the company confirmed, “It’s true, you can have an extra 15 seconds per day in order to go to the toilet.

“This is on TOP of the already generous one full minute you are currently allowed, to give a total of one minute and fifteen seconds PER DAY, not per week, to go and empty your bladder.

“There is of course also a full half-hour lunch break (including return travel time to the canteen 12 minutes away from your work- station in our massive warehouse) to relax and each your lunch.

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“And two fifteen-minute breaks, providing you are up to date with your targets, which you won’t be, because they are unreasonable and you will need to work through your break to catch up.”

Asked if the generous offer of 15 extra seconds will still be available after the festive season for all the new staff we were told, “Don’t be silly, they won’t be here after the festive season.”