Weather to remain a bit inbetweeny for at least another week

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Weather forecasters are predicting that the weather will continue being a bit inbetweeny for at least another week.

Although inbetweeny weather is to be expected at this time of the year, weather experts have said that such a long period of inbetweeny weather is unusual.

“It has been particularly inbetweeny this year,” explained BBC’s Carol Kirkwood.

“Normally, we’d expect a few days of inbetweeny weather before, meteorologically speaking, it sorts itself out and decides what it’s going to do.

“The last time we saw such a prolonged period of inbetweeny weather was 2002 after the gulf stream had a summer of profound introspection. Back then we saw nearly a month of inbetweeny weather.”

The current period of inbetweeny weather has proved difficult for the nation’s girlfriends and wives who have been unsure what size jumper to bring with them ‘just in case’ for over a week now.

“The missus has been in a terrible state all week,” said Simon Williams, a pornographer from Lymington.

“She had to pop to the shop yesterday. She stood outside the front door for 25 minutes trying to work out what jumper to take with her, then she called her mum, her sister and two of her friends.

“In the end, she took my camping backpack with four different jumpers in.”

Happily, despite such a prolonged period of inbetweeny weather there have been, as yet, no fatalities. Unlike 2002, which saw over 42,000 people die.