Man’s porch covered in small flies after going far too early with carved pumpkins

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A man’s porch is covered in small flies today along with the horrible smell of rotting veg, after going far too early with the carved pumpkins once again this year.

Simon Williams, who has also had stretched cotton wool all over his front door for a week, realised his mistake earlier after opening the door to his house and seeing 400 flies hovering over a crumpled smelly rotten pumpkin.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Gone too early again haven’t I?

“They have all gone a funny colour and gone bad already, and it’s still two bloody weeks till Halloween.

“It’s my own fault really, I do it every year, and get all excited with the kids and go pumpkin picking at the farm before going home to carve them, and then throwing them away a week later, and having to buy some more.

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“Before carving the new ones too, and then throwing those ones away a couple of days before Halloween because they have gone to shit as well.

“Then finally buying some that last, and using them on the night for when the local kids come trick or treating.”

Asked if he has bought some sweets ready for trick or treating he told us, “Yeah, twice so far. I keep eating them all.”