Boris Johnson insists he only broke Christmas lockdown rules in a very ‘limited and specific way’

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Boris Johnson has responded to claims that he broke the rules on social gatherings last Christmas by insisting he only did so in a ‘very limited and specific way’, before pointing out that this is now considered perfectly acceptable by the electorate.

As many people think back to their restricted Christmas in December 2020, and their inability to see their loved ones in person, many are delighted to hear that Boris and Carrie had an unrelated friend come to stay with them over the holiday period.

A new report reveals that political campaigner Nimco Ali, joined them for the 2020 festive period despite tough social distancing rules being in force in London, but a Downing Street spokesperson has insisted that ‘context is important’.

The spokesperson explained, “In pure black and white terms, yes, it does look like a flagrant breach of the rules, and that our elected elites were once again doing whatever the fuck they liked while the plebs sat at home on their own at Christmas.

“But in reality, Boris and Carrie only broke the rules in a very limited and specific way, which is basically the same as not breaking them at all.

“Just because the rules were made by Boris’ government, and he promoted them, and he asked the public to abide by them, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed to break them.  I mean, he’s the prime minister, that has to come with a few perks, right?

“As everyone knows, you can break rules that you not only wrote, but also willingly signed up to – you just can’t break the ones you had no say in whatsoever.  See how that works?”

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I don’t see the problem. I was fully supportive of the government’s plans in their attempts to restrict the transmission of the coronavirus last Christmas, and I adhered to absolutely all of them.

“Except the ones I didn’t like, obviously. That would be mental.”