We’re not mocking you, we’re helping build up your natural immunity to jokes, antivaxers told

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Antivaxers have today been told not to be so precious when people mock their ridiculous positions, and to treat the people laughing at them as nothing more than an opportunity to build up their natural immunity to jokes.

As people who enjoy doing medical research while sitting on the toilet looking at memes become increasingly irate at their illogical positions being widely ridiculed, experts have said they should embrace the piss-taking and let their immune system do the rest.

Psychologist Simon Williams, “Anivaxers are really big on letting your immune system do all the heavy lifting, so we’re just getting them to lean a bit harder into that way of thinking.

“Try not to think about it in terms of ‘being made to look very silly on the Internet’, think of it as being ‘exposed to another humour variant’, that will ultimately make you stronger next time you encounter it.

“Over time, you will think nothing of people laughing at you on the Internet, and that’s when you’ll know your immune system has done its job.

“Of course, if you find yourself irrationally defending your illogical position in the comment threads of social media articles mocking you, then maybe your immune system needs a little help after all?

“Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to help boost your fragile little ego when it comes face to face with jokes that could damage it.

“So in cases where antivaxers are particularly vulnerable to jokes, we would recommend they self-isolate at home, stay off the Internet, and let the rest of us go about our lives as normal.”