Keir Starmer still telling his toolmaker joke

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is still telling his toolmaker joke he used during his conference speech.

“Oh man, he loves that joke,” said an aide.

“He tells it two, three times a day? Something like that. I think it might be the first joke he’s ever told and he bloody loves it.

“We were driving past a Wickes yesterday and Sir Keir looked over and went ‘See that? Wickes? They’re toolmakers aren’t they? Like my dad? You know, I suppose so was Boris Johnson’s dad.’ He cracked up laughing and we did our best, but it’s difficult when you’ve heard the joke every single day for a whole week.

“He keeps scheduling visits to workshops. Just so he can go ‘Oh, see you’re using a hammer there…’ and then go into his joke.

“He sent me to HMV yesterday to get any album by Tool. I just left it in his in-tray and went home. I really couldn’t face what was coming next.

“Even in the gents! He washed his hands and picked up a towel and went ‘towel, that sounds a bit like tool, you know, my dad was a toolmaker…’ I was like ‘Keir, that doesn’t even work’.”

It is understood that Sir Keir’s top team are currently focused on writing a new joke so he’ll stop telling his toolmaker joke.

“Yeah well, that’s not been easy,” continued the aide.

“I mean, we are Labour Party members. It’s not like we’ve got any sort of sense of humour.”