Food bank users have a whip round for Tory MP who said he struggles to get by on £81,932 salary

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Food bank users are today giving donations to help a Conservative MP who has bravely admitted that he is also struggling to get by on his meagre salary.

In an interview with the New Statesman, Sir Peter Bottomley, the MP for Worthing West, described the salary as ‘grim’ and told of he and his colleagues ‘desperation’ at having to survive on such a low amount, whilst sipping a 30-year-old bottle of Macallan and smoking a fine Cuban cigar.

Simon Williams is a healthcare assistant who lives in Worthing and despite having a full-time job often relies on his local food bank to feed his family; he told us, “Well, it just goes to show that in this time of austerity, you never can tell who’s really struggling to get by.

“I’d assumed that being a ‘Sir’, Peter Bottomley was financially stable, and comfortably able to afford to survive in one of his three properties, but I guess we should never judge people solely by appearances.”

He went on, “It does sound difficult, only having an eighty-two grand salary in this day and age. True, it’s four times our total household income, but I’m sure he has crucial expenditure on chauffeurs and sommeliers and the like, which must leave him with little at the end of the month, so I’m happy to chuck him a few quid.”

Sir Peter Bottomley was delighted by the news, telling us, “If each of the estimated two and a half million people who use food banks each year just donate a pound to me, then my dining expenses will be covered until at least next April.”