Dominic Raab insists ‘tax avoidance is wrong, whether it’s people avoiding taxes, or taxes avoiding people’

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Dominic Raab has once again demonstrated his detailed understanding of how the world works by insisting that tax avoidance is always wrong, even when taxes are avoiding people.

Deputy prime minister Raab told BBC breakfast that tax avoidance was obviously wrong, but that we shouldn’t necessarily be looking to make it a specific crime.

He told viewers, “I agree with everyone that tax avoidance is wrong, whether that involves someone finding creative ways to reduce their tax liability, or taxes going around hiding from the taxpayers.  Both are equally bad, but that doesn’t mean we need a new ‘crime’ for it.

“I mean, how would you go about prosecuting a ‘tax’ for avoiding the people.  It makes no sense. This is why you have people like me in government to prevent silly laws like this coming into effect.

“The existing legal framework is perfectly adequate in dealing with tax avoidance, even if no taxes have ever been prosecuted for avoiding the people who paid them.

“In fact, I’m pretty sure no taxpayers have ever been prosecuted for using legal loopholes to avoid tax either – which probably means the law is working precisely as it should.  And if we’re not prosecuting anyone, then obviously it’s not a real issue.

“QED. That means, ‘I told you so’.”

Meanwhile, Penguin books have this morning announced an exclusive deal with the Deputy Prime Minister to publish the new “Dominic Raab Dictionary” in time for Christmas.

The new book will include thousands of popular definitions followed by the phrase “and vice versa”.