Boris Johnson willing to make difficult choice between taking £20 a week from poor people or closing tax loopholes exploited by wealthy Tory donors

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has insisted that in order to protect the nation’s finances he is willing to make the difficult decision between taking £20 a week off the most vulnerable people in society, or closing tax loopholes that help wealthy Tory donors keep more of their money.

Johnson was addressing journalists at the Conservative Party conference when he explained the rationale behind his decision.

He explained, “We need to face reality, and realise that after Covid we simply have to tighten our belts, and this means difficult decisions must be made, and I, for one, am definitely prepared to make those difficult decisions.

“Just because something is unpopular doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.  For example, did you know that the Tory donors included in the Pandora papers haven’t actually broken any laws, and have merely used the laws we do have to avoid the ‘spirit’ of those same laws.

“Should we punish people who haven’t technically done anything wrong? What sort of message does that send to the nation’s young people, that even if you play by the rules – especially if your interpretation of those rules is slightly different to ours – we will still punish you.

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“Or, should we instead take the money we need from all those poor people who aren’t going to vote for us anyway and never, ever donate to our party?

“It’s a dilemma I’m sure lesser prime ministers would struggle with, but not me.

“I am prepared to make hard choices, and if that means I have to visit the home of every Universal Credit claimant and take the money from their pockets myself, then I will.”