William Shatner confirms trip to space, intends to sleep with green women whilst he’s there

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William Shatner has confirmed he will travel into space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, and says he expects to bone two or three green dancing girls whilst he’s up there.

Shatner, who made a career out of shooting, having sex, or sometimes both, with any alien he encountered, told reporters that he’s hoping to have several close encounters on the trip.

“If there’s one thing life has taught me it’s that outer space is full of scantily-clad bright green women who are absolutely up for it with men who talk, like, this,” he said.

“The moon is bound to be simply heaving with jiggling green women in their underwear. Why else do you think I’m going.

“It’ll be a five-minute mission,  if you catch my drift,” Shatner confirmed.

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When asked, Shatner confirmed that if the women turned out to be blue or purple ‘that wouldn’t be a problem’.

There had been suggestions that comedian Bill Bailey might accompany Shatner on the trip, but this was abandoned after warnings he might be mistaken for a Klingon.

Jeff Bezos said he supported Shatner in his ambitions.

“With any luck, I’ll be able to have sex with a few space women as well and won’t get caught and divorced this time!”, he laughed.