Antivaxer ‘almost caught up’ on all of the important epidemiology research he missed yesterday

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Following yesterday’s Facebook outage, antivaxer Simon Williams admitted that he has almost caught up on all the important research he missed out on during the downtime.

After Facebook was down for almost the entire evening in the UK, Williams said he was unable to conduct his usual level of important original research and critical peer review through the medium of memes.

He told us, “I am delighted Facebook is back, and I can finally get back to the important business of demonstrating my ignorance through pictures other people have put together for me to share.

“While Facebook was down I wasn’t once misled by a persuasive meme to believe a piece of nonsense research that I could then disseminate amongst my friends as ‘the truth’.

“That is the real cost of the blackout.  Without all of those memes to share I was getting dangerously close to having an original thought of my own, and God help us if that happens.

“Thankfully everything was back to normal on Facebook this morning, and I’ve been hard at it ever since.  I’ve consumed so much misinformation in the last eight hours it’s like yesterday never even happened.

“And if you want to know why Facebook went down, I have a very persuasive meme I can show you that proves incontrovertibly it was Dr Fauci who took Facebook down because he was worried about the people on Facebook finally discovering that Covid is a scam and the vaccine has a tracking microchip.

“It says so in this picture so it must be true.”