Police recommend women call the police if stopped by the police

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The police have recommended women call the police if they are stopped by the police so that the police can protect them from the police.

“We recognise that some women may feel concerned if they are stopped by the police,” said the police.

“We understand that. That is perfectly natural. As such, the best course of action when stopped by the police is to immediately call the police. You should ask the police who stopped you to use their radio to call the police, and if they are unable or unwilling to let you use their radio then you should call the police using your own mobile phone.

“The police will be under instruction to recognise that a lone woman stopped by the police could be in imminent danger from the police and will treat the case as an emergency, immediately sending the police out to protect you from the police.”

The police also recommended what women should do once the other police arrive.

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“In such an instance, you could well be in danger from these other police, so the best course of action would be to call the police.”