Nigel Farage blames petrol chaos on ‘workshy EU migrants staying over there not taking our jobs’

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After visiting seven petrol stations in the desperate search for fuel, Nigel Farage has blamed the petrol chaos on lazy EU migrants who are determined to stay in their own countries doing jobs they enjoy for people who like them.

Farage, who has spent his career bemoaning the influence of migrants from the EU and elsewhere, insists the only reason Brexit isn’t delivering the sunlit uplands we were promised is because lazy Europeans can’t be bothered to come over here and get back to the jobs they were doing before we gleefully told them all to go home.

Farage told viewers on his GB News show, “As if any more evidence was needed that leaving the EU was the right decision, here we are.  Do we really want to be part of a selfish organisation whose workers don’t want to come and help the country that told them all to fuck off?

“During the current petrol delivery issues EU workers have shown themselves in their true light. They were quick enough to hang around while we paid them a decent wage, but the moment we made the country an unwelcoming place for them, they couldn’t leave quick enough.

“And now that they have caused all these issues, are they queuing up to come back and correct their mess? No, they are not, the selfish toads.

“So when you’re driving around the half dozen or so petrol stations near you looking for fuel, know this; it merely proves we were right to leave the EU and their awful workers behind.”

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