Pro-vaxxer who caught Covid found alive and well

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A prominent pro-vaxxer has today been found alive and well, much to the surprise of absolutely no one with any common sense.

Simon Williams, a rational human being from East Grinstead, had been very vocal in his support for the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out, urging close friends and family to receive the jab, and receiving two doses of it himself at the earliest opportunity.

Today, two weeks after contracting coronavirus during a business trip to London, he was found alive and well in bed by his wife, Heidi.

“He went on and on about get the vaccine, and I’m so glad he did,” she told us, “otherwise he might not be here today to continue going on and on about it.

“It’s almost like trusting highly qualified medical and scientific experts is worthwhile.”

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However, one anti-vaxxer friend of Simon’s who strangely wished to remain nameless told us, “I’m stunned that he’s alive after putting that poison into his blood, let alone catching Covid, which doesn’t even exist.

“We used to be close friends, but since he got in with this ‘pro-vaccine’ crowd, we just don’t see eye to eye anymore.”

He explained, “He keeps reading peer-reviewed studies, and sharing articles on social media that have been written by fully qualified experts and well-respected leaders in their respective fields, who have devoted decades of their lives to studying immunology.

“It’s utterly pathetic.”