Government proposes a ‘clap for lorry drivers’ to ease delivery crisis

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has proposed a regular ‘clap for lorry drivers’ to thank them for their hard work making deliveries.

“There is a current shortfall in drivers in this country, due to low pay and poor working conditions,” said Mr Shapps.

“Therefore, the best thing to do is to have a regular ‘clap for lorry drivers’ so that everyone can show their appreciation for the difficult job those chaps do.”

The ‘clap for lorry drivers’ will take place at 7pm on Thursdays. People will be expected to stand in their garden and clap for two whole minutes, and will be judged by their neighbours based on their enthusiasm.

“We’re going to have Ronan and Alex on the One Show leading the clapping, which I think is terribly exciting.

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“Once the lorry drivers understand how much Ronan and Alex and the whole country is behind them then I’m sure they’ll be happy to just give that little extra effort to keep up with supply.”

Lorry driver Simon William was unable to comment on the new proposals, as he’d just returned from a four-day delivery run this morning and was trying to get some sleep before heading out on another job later this afternoon.

“I would estimate that after two to three weeks of the clapping for lorry drivers being in effect, all supply issues will be solved and we won’t have to worry about any of that stuff anymore,” said Mr Shapps.

“After all, we did that clap for carers thing last year and now the NHS is completely fixed.”