Labour increasingly confident that they can finally defeat Labour

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There is growing confidence from within the Labour Party that they could finally defeat the Labour Party.

The feeling is that Sir Keir Starmer’s plans to scrap ‘one-member-one-vote’ could be the issue on which Labour can land a fatal blow on Labour.

“Once we get rid of one-member-one-vote, then Labour will be weakened and Labour will finally be able to absolutely crush Labour,” said Labour activist Simon Williams.

“The important thing is that we wrest the power away from Labour and into the hands of Labour and then Labour will be in disarray.

“This is it. I can feel it. Labour is finally going to win against Labour.”

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However, Labour activist Eleanor Gay believed the issue could prove a miscalculation that actually means that Labour could end up defeating Labour.

“Removing one-member-one-vote? It’s a power-grab too far for Labour,” she said.

“It will unite Labour in opposition against Labour and we’ll finally be able to push back and defeat Labour.

“Labour has made a massive miscalculation here, and this time, Labour will be able to exploit that – and finally, Labour will emerge triumphant over those bastards in Labour.”

It is thought that, should Labour finally defeat Labour, then Labour may have to actually disband because, without a Labour Party to oppose, there is literally nothing for the Labour Party to actually do.