‘I’m not Christmas panic buying’ insists man with large turkey, pigs in blankets, sprouts, Quality Street and three bottles of Baileys

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A man has insisted today that he is definitely not panic buying for Christmas, whilst paying for a large turkey, 24 mince pies, pigs in blankets, two bags of frozen sprouts, a large box of Quality Street and three large bottles of Baileys at his local supermarket.

Simon Williams, who also threw in some After Eight mints made his claim earlier whilst trying to get the boot of his car to close properly after filling it full of tinsel.

Speaking earlier he told us “Yeah it’s just a regular shop this mate, I get this stuff every week.

“Obviously I’ve seen the news about shelves being bare at Christmas because nobody can deliver the food, but it’s definitely not made me panic buy, honest.

“I just really fancied some Baileys this week, and lots of mince pies and chocolates, oh and a nice bottle of sherry to go with the cheese board I bought.

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“And a lovely turkey dinner with parsnips and sprouts, and a few pigs in blankets thrown on, you know because it’s September.

Asked what is at the bottom of his bag under the packet of stuffing he told us “OK it’s a fucking Christmas pudding. Who are you, Columbo?”