Man postpones illness until next month after successfully securing doctor’s appointment in four and a half weeks

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A man has decided to postpone the illness he has today until at least next month after managing to successfully secure a doctors appointment in four and a half weeks time.

Simon Williams, who has been feeling unwell for 2 days, decided to just get better himself earlier and then get ill again when he can finally get into his local doctors surgery in four and half weeks time.

Speaking earlier he told us “Yeah I timed it all wrong to be fair. The next appointment available to see the doctor is in about four weeks time, so I should have got ill then, instead.

“It’s my fault really. Just bad planning. So I’ve decided to just get better for now and postpone my illness until then, when the doctor is available.

“I could have actually got in to see the doctor today, if I’d have booked it a few weeks ago, and could see into the future to know that I would be ill.

“So again, I’ve only got myself to blame. I just need to put some effort in and try to guess my illnesses many weeks in advance.”

Asked if he can ring the doctor each morning at, say, 8am for example, to try to get an appointment for that day he told us “Yes I can, and I got really excited when I tried that earlier, as I got to only 87th in the queue, but then they all filled up and I was told to try tomorrow.”