Bob the Builder returns home to Poland

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Popular local builder Bob has returned home to Poland leaving local residents at a loss who will carry out renovations, construction and repair.

Bob, whose cheery, can-do attitude and the fact he actually showed up when he said he would made him popular with locals, sold the Can-Do Crew and flew back to Gdansk last week after the Home Office consistently failed to respond to his queries about residency.

Homeowner Simon Williams, who had been expecting Bob to carry out some work for him, said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ at the news.

“I mean, yes, I voted Leave and thought that all these spongers from bongo-bongo land should bugger off home, but now I’ve got a conservatory to build and the only guy who I can find to do it is a bloke called Daz who won’t give me a postal address and says he might be able to fit me in next June.

“He’s after fifteen grand for the work, but he might be getting it done sooner for cash in hand, up front.”

When asked if anything could be done to fix his friendship with Britain, Bob replied ‘Nei, it’s fucked.’

Additional material by Chief Chirpa.