New Third World Covid plan includes hoping for the best and burying lots and lots of people

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Following Britain’s announcement of its plans to manage Covid throughout the winter, the Third World has announced its own plans for Covid.

Hoping for the best and burying lots of people are the headline measures, but they will also be introducing a comprehensive plan of begging richer countries for vaccines. Religious people will be asked to pray a lot.

“Well, it’s going to be tough, but with these measures, we believe we may be able to keep deaths in the lower five millions or so,” explained third world representative Simon Williams.

“Obviously, we were hoping for some more vaccines, but we recognise that it’s definitely more important that rich, old white people get to have three shots in the space of a year than any of us to even have one.

“We’re not even really that fussed, we’d have taken the cheap stuff from India that the EU doesn’t like. Anything, really. Still, priorities and all that.”

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The richer western countries have pledged their support to the Third World as it attempts to combat the pandemic.

“Those countries. Gondor, Um Bongo and La Bamba have our full support,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Moral support, that is, obviously. Actual practical support? Not so much really, no, we’re actually quite busy trying to make sure people don’t have to wear their masks in Tescos.

“So, good luck. Jolly good luck.”