Tuesday 14 September 2021 by Lucas Wilde

“WAKE UP” concludes nonsense-spewing gonk

Angry man saying WAKE UP

A man who has written four paragraphs of reality-free bullshit has concluded his short essay with the straightforwardly funny conclusion of “WAKE UP”.

Simon Williams, 33, commented on a story regarding quarantine measures with a diatribe including phrases such as “this is how the holocaust started”, “the vaccine is experimental poison” and “if you put up with this then your kids will be next”.

“WAKE UP!” concluded Williams, hitting submit and sitting back for a victory sip on a can of Monster Energy.

“Everything I’ve just said is true. I’ve seen it on YouTube after performing a search for videos that only confirm my existing biases. That’s how research works.

“The rest of you sheep need to get a fucking grip. Big pharma is out to kill you. That’s how making money definitely works: by killing your customer base.

“You look confused. Of COURSE you do. Fucking sheep. Bet you think this ISN’T the start of Holocaust 2 either.

“You know what? Get out of my basement. I don’t need your bootlicker energy messing with my vibe.”

Simon’s mother commented, “Technically it’s MY basement.

“I’m not sure what he means by ‘vibe’, unless he means the smell, which I would very much like to mess with.”

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