Parents celebrate ‘Make whatever you can find in the house into a Roald Dahl costume’ day

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Parents are celebrating ‘somehow make whatever stuff you can find around the house into a Roald Dahl costume’ day today.

As Roald Dahl Day is celebrated worldwide, millions of children are heading to school this morning dressed up, in whatever their parents manage to find for them, in various wardrobes and drawers, given half an hour’s notice before bedtime last night.

Father of three Simon Williams revealed earlier, “I hate Roald Dahl Day. Hate it. More than World Book Day.

“It’s an absolute nightmare, trying to come up with stupid pissing outfits that have something to do with Roald Dahl, but without spending any money, and trying not to look absolutely shit.

“Thankfully I remembered last night this year, instead of in the morning, so I had half an hour to rummage through the wardrobes and somehow make an outfit for free.

“My youngest is going as Willy Wonka, because I found a silly hat, or may Mike Teavee because I also found a bandana. And then next one is Miss Trunchbull , because well, she’s a bit chubby already to be fair, so she can just wear something black and borrow one of my big belts”

“All I have to do now is think of one more Roald Dahl character for my youngest and I’ve cracked it, until next year.

“Boom! He wears glasses. Harry frigging Potter. Brilliant!”