Mysterious new character in Ghosts revealed as Timothy Claypole

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The mysterious figure who appeared in the gardens of Button Manor at the end of the last episode of Ghosts has been revealed as gurning, prancing Buffoon Timothy Claypole, thereby ruining the whole thing.

Producers of Ghosts, whose gentle and slow comedy about the afterlives of a disparate bunch of spooks in a country house has delighted millions of viewers, have decided the format is getting ‘stale’ and intend to shake things up with the addition of one of the most annoying characters in television history.

Timothy Claypole spent much of early 1980s competing with Scrappy-Doo for the title of worst thing on television, and his reappearance is sure to delight audiences.

To add insult to injury, rumour says he will be played by Russell Brand.

”Ghosts has a great cast of likeable, interesting characters with their own flaws and foibles which endear them to viewers,” said producer Simon Williams.

”So what could be better than a prancing idiot guffawing ‘’tis done!’ At every opportunity and appearing wherever he is least wanted?

“Which is anywhere, by the way.

“There are sure to be ample opportunities for hilarious misunderstandings with Alison, Julian and Lady Button.

”If this addition to the cast goes well, we’ll be bringing back the pantomime horse, too.”