Brexit victory as empty Wetherspoons pint glasses to be stamped with crown logo

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Brexiters have today declared victory as Wetherspoons pint glasses – rendered empty and useless by Brexit-related beer shortages – will now be marked with the crown logo.

A five-year-long debate has finally been settled. Was Brexit worth it?

“Yes! It totally was!” yelled excited Brexit supporter Simon Williams. “In your face Remainer scum!

“You can take your supply chain problems and shove them up your snowflake arse!

“Pint glasses will now show the crown logo, taking us back to Britain’s glory days of the mid-2000s when we were in the EU.

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“No, I mean before the fascist EU made us change the logo to an unpatriotic CE mark just to guarantee consumers weren’t being ripped off and actually had the whole pint they’d paid for.

“Well, it’s the right of British pub landlords to short change their customers when pulling pints! In a way, it’s expected – a promise not quite kept, what could be more British than that? It’s why I voted for Brexit, anyway.

“If it said ‘one pint’ on the side of a bus you wouldn’t really expect it to refer to an entire pint, would you?

“And no, we might not actually have any beer to drink. And yes, technically we could have been using the crown logo anyway. That’s not the point.

“The point is… you can’t stop us drinking our own piss out of a crown-stamped glass while singing God Save the Queen.

“If that’s not a perfect metaphor for the glory of Brexit, I don’t know what is.”

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