Bloody migrants, coming over here, getting good at tennis

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Those bloody migrants are at it again, coming over here getting good at tennis and winning the US Open for Great Britain.

Emma Raducanu, a migrant with Romanian and Chinese parents who definitely weren’t born here, has STOLEN the US Open victory from millions of deserving Britons born in this country who should have been in America winning it for themselves.

Simon Williams, a Nigel Farage supporter who also happens to like tennis, told us, “It’s a disgrace. Bloody migrants.

“Despite being born in those foreign-sounding places, her parent still came over here for no reason other than to provide a better life for their daughter. It’s absolutely disgusting, really. It’s not like Canada isn’t a perfectly safe place for a Romanian-Chinese family, and they STILL came over here.

“And then, to make matters even worse, that daughter works really hard for years and years to get good at tennis, all while no doubt stealing the place of an indigenous British girl in those tennis lessons.

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“She should have been turned around on whatever boat they came on, just like the rest of them.

“They are all the bloody same. Coming over here, working really hard and getting jobs such as doctors and saving people’s lives.

“I just hope the government does something about it, that’s all I can say, to give the real people a chance, who aren’t bloody migrants and stop stealing our bloody jobs and Grand Slam titles.”

Asked what he does for a living we were told, “I don’t work, mate. Can’t be arsed.”