EU quotas force Fish to cancel European tour

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Post-Brexit EU Fish quotas mean that former Marillion frontman Fish will not be able to able to land in Europe and, as such, has been forced to cancel next month’s European tour.

“EU Fish quota rules are being strictly enforced at the moment,” explained Fish’s manager Simon Williams.

“EU fisheries inspectors are within their rights to seize any overstocks of Fish we may be carrying and potentially even throw him into the sea. We simply can’t afford to take that sort of risk with our lead singer.”

EU Fish quotas were introduced in 2009 to prevent cheap Fishes being imported from outside the EU. This was hugely beneficial to Fish, who was able to move freely in the EU with very little restriction, and were also protected from lower quality, cheaper Fishes flooding the market.

However, since leaving the EU, Great Britain is now subject to the same restrictions on Fish imports as all other non-member countries and, as such, the former Marillion singer is finding it increasingly difficult to operate.

Williams went on, “On the one hand, it’s a good rule to have and it’s been one that we’ve been grateful for as Fish’s career continued after Marillion. On the other, it’s a little frustrating now. I mean, our Fish is the original Fish, but it’s us who are being restricted because there may be European Fishes who are imitations of our Fish that the EU is seeking to protect.

“We’ll continue to negotiate with the EU, and hopefully we’ll be able to reschedule the tour for next year.”

It is understood that The Coral, Noah and the Whale, and The Turtles are all watching the case closely.