Emma Raducanu dedicates latest win to “all the creepy middle-aged man-children out there”

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18-year-old tennis prodigy, Emma Raducanu, who is one victory away from becoming the most successful female British player in almost fifty years, has taken the time after her latest win to give thanks to all the slimey former GMB presenters who feel the need to comment on her every move.

She went on, “It’s said that the tennis court is a lonely place, but the truth is that I am never alone when I play.

“Behind every swing of my racket there is a small army without whom I could not function. My family, my friends, my coaches and my practice partners, yes – but above all, there is the lustful gaze of decrepit professional shit-stirrers whose life is empty without some young woman to obsess about.”

“If I win this grand slam, it will be in no small part due to the welcome comments about my will to keep going from someone who can’t listen to the mildest of criticism without storming off in a massive huff. It’s like I could feel them trying to sniff my hair as I played.”

In Oxfordshire, PM, an entitled posho who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that he was glad his kind finally got acknowledged.

He told us, “It’s hard to spend hour after hour cyber-stalking famous young women and trying to insert myself into their lives, if only by calling them names in tabloid columns. So it’s nice to get a shout out.

“Now if you excuse me, I can see some teenage girls in the park having a nice picnic. I’m going to give them an unsolicited lecture on how I can see their bras through their tops.”