Fly who won’t obey simple instruction to go out window must be some sort of idiot

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A fly who has been buzzing around near an open window without actually flying through it has been branded ‘an idiot’ by the man who opened the window.

Simon Williams has been standing by the window shouting ‘go out you stupid fly’ for some fifteen minutes now.

“It really is some sort of idiot fly,” explained Mr Williams.

“I noticed it about twenty minutes ago banging against the window. It got a bit annoying, so I thought I’d open the window and let it fly out.

“It won’t go out though. It just keeps banging up against the window. Honestly, if it just flew a little bit off to the left then it would be outside.

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“It really must be stupid. Can’t it see the open bit? I’ve opened it really wide so there’s loads of space and I keep pointing at it, telling it to fly out there, but it just flying up against the windowpane.

“If I was a fly, I’d just feel where the fresh air was coming from and fly towards that. This one must just be really, really thick.”

The fly has yet to make any comment, because it has no concept of language, logic or reason. It did, however, just nearly fly out the window, but then it flew back into the room and up against Mr Williams’ ear and, when Mr Williams started flapping his hand against his ear and shouting ‘get off,’ it giggled softly to itself.