Woman puts heating back on full for the next 8 months

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A woman has put the central heating in her house back on full today, for the next 8 months solid until approximately next May.

Sharon Williams, who is absolutely freezing, because it’s now September, made the decision this morning after getting out of bed for work and feeling a little cold.

Speaking earlier she told us, “I’ve had to put the heating back on full blast, until May, because it’s absolutely freezing.

“I’ve tried to last a little longer through the winter months this year to try to save some money, and maybe even help the environment a little, so it didn’t go on yesterday, even though it was already September.

“But I just couldn’t take it any longer, I can hardly feel my feet and I’m sure I can see my breath. It’s just so cold.

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“Obviously working from home every day means it will have to be on all day too, as well as in the evening, and kept on low overnight, just in case I need the toilet, so my energy bills might go up a little bit.

“But there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s just absolutely freezing now that we are in the middle of winter, unlike last week when it was still summer.”

Asked to comment on the temperature in the house, her husband Simon, wearing shorts and a t-shirt told us, “Unbelievable. I’m genuinely sweating my bollocks off.”