Joe Rogan reveals he beat Covid with nothing more than Ivermectin and thousands of dollars of FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatments

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Podcast host and vaccine sceptic Joe Rogan has revealed he contracted Covid but recovered in just a few short days thanks to a strict regimen of Ivermectin and thousands of dollars of FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatments.

Rogan caught the disease while in Florida, and had to cancel shows this week due to illness and quarantine, but assured his fans he is almost completely recovered after just a few days of illness.

He told his followers, “I don’t think we can really say with any certainty which treatment helped me beat the disease, or whether my immune system did it all by itself.

“Was it the Ivermectin that brought me back to health so quickly, was it the fact I’m a reasonably healthy male in a lower-risk age group – or was it the thousands of dollars I spent on an FDA-approved treatment involving monoclonal antibodies?

“It’s so difficult to know – was it the treatment for which doctors say there is no good evidence, or was it the one they say will definitely help if you take early enough and that is now prescribed for people who are immunosuppressed and get Covid.

“My recovery might remain a medical mystery forever, but if people want to be able to say I recovered from Covid really quickly and that I was treating myself with Ivermectin, then that would technically be entirely correct.

“And if they choose to ignore the fact that I was also given an actual recommended and FDA-approved treatment – a really expensive one that I was lucky to be able to afford, by the way – then that is their right because this is a free country, and that means we are free to ignore facts that don’t suit our narrative.”