Wetherspoons launches new ‘Curry and Glass of Stale Air’ promotion

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As post-Brexit ‘teething issues’ lead to some Wetherspoons pubs having a shortage of beer, Brexit loving boss Tim Martin is offering his discerning clientele a brilliant new dining experience.

The pub chain famous for its ‘curry and a pint’ promotions will now be offering those same curries, but with a nice glass of stale air from behind the bar.

Martin told reporters at the launch of the new campaign, “Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stand behind the bar at a Wetherspoons pub? Well, wonder no more, because with our new curry and a glass of stale air promotion we’ll give you a curry, and a full to the brim glass of the air from behind the bar, all for just £7.95.

“You can enjoy what we are definitely legally allowed to call a ‘meal’ while shoving your nose into what might appear to the untrained eye to be an empty glass from which you can savour rich aromas of the never-before-experienced ambience behind the bar in your local Wetherspoons.

“This is a dream come true for so many Wetherspoons customers, and we are proud that Brexit Britiain has finally let us make that dream a reality.”

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One Wetherspoons exec told us, “We did consider selling fresh air in the glass, but this is Wetherspoons, so if what we’re selling wasn’t close to going off then we’d be alienating our core customer base.

“Plus we can’t get any fresh air shipped in from Europe at the minute, which Tim wants me to tell you is all 100% Covid’s fault.”