Taliban praise Texas lawmakers for clamping down on women’s rights

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As Texas lawmakers removed the right for women to terminate a pregnancy after six weeks, Taliban officials in Afghanistan have welcomed to move and praised the regressive thinking behind it.

The Act making it illegal to conduct an abortion after six weeks gestation was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in May, and became law after the Supreme Court failed to hear an appeal yesterday.

The news has been welcomed by the new Afghanistan regime, who spoke in glowing terms of the Texas lawmakers.

Taliban spokesperson Sayid Faizilliams told us, “We are delighted to see our brothers in Texas clamping down on the scourge that is ‘women’s rights’.

“Women making decisions about their own bodies will lead to them wanting to make more decisions about other things that affect them personally, and before you know it, women will be thinking they are equal under the law.

“We are relieved to see that our Texas brethren recognise this dangerous risk to our way of life, and have taken steps to reduce the rights of women under the law.  Sure, they could definitely go a bit further with the whole ‘subjugating women’ thing, but this is an excellent first step and we look to them enacting further restrictions on the women of Texas.

“This may take some time, obviously. The caliphate will not be built in a day.  Well, not unless the Americans are willing to hastily evacuate earlier in that same day.

“In the meantime, the Texas Taliban have our full support. Should they be looking for ideas on what to do next then all they need to do is call.”