Hopes high new vaccine could protect against James Corden

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A new vaccine could be as much as 80-90% effective against James Corden, studies have shown.

“This could be the breakthrough we were looking for in the fight against James Corden,” explained Professor Simon Williams, who led the team that developed the vaccine.

“The study proves that with a simple programme of inoculation, we could protect most people against James Corden and, although we would still see instances of James Corden, they would be relatively mild and easy to shake off.”

James Corden initially began in England and only affected a relatively small number of people. However, in 2016, James Corden spread to the USA and became a global problem that now regularly affects thousands of people on a daily basis.

“For six years now, humanity has had to co-exist with James Corden,” explained Professor Williams.

“We regularly see flare-ups of James Corden in family films and musicals. James Corden is seemingly endemic on television and awards shows.

“Until now, there is little the public were able to do to protect themselves against any outbreak of James Corden.

“Only this weekend, we saw a particularly ugly, and unpleasant bout of James Corden appear in a traffic jam in Los Angeles. A number of local residents were affected and now will need several days to recover.”

It is expected that the vaccine will receive emergency approval and could be rolled out within weeks, protecting millions against James Corden.

The only concern is that a more virulent and resistant variant of James Corden develops that renders the vaccine less effective.

“A terrifying prospect,” said Professor Williams, “so we should all remain vigilant and, where possible, continue to isolate from James Corden whenever it crops up.”