Friday 27 August 2021 by Mark Molloy

Man waiting for acceptable time to start drinking on holiday finally spots other man walk past with a beer

Beer on holiday

A man patiently waiting for an acceptable time to begin drinking on holiday today has finally spotted another man walk past with a beer.

Simon Williams, who has already been sitting around the pool for two hours after eating four breakfasts because he’s on all- inclusive, revealed his relief earlier after finally seeing another holidaymaker walk past him holding a nice cold beer in each hand.

Speaking earlier at the bar, a slightly pissed Williams told us, “I couldn’t get up quick enough I can tell you.

“I like to have a beer on holiday like anyone else, but it’s tricky to work out when it’s acceptable to start drinking so you don’t just look like an alcoholic, or get in trouble with the wife.

“So I normally just wait until I spot someone else with a beer, and that’s my green light to get on it.

“Obviously you’ve got to make sure the wife sees him too, and say something like ‘well if he’s having one’ or something like that and point out that you are on holiday, so it doesn’t really count.

“And then you’re up and running, and can get pissed throughout the day.

“Today was particularly testing, however, as I didn’t see anyone for ages, and I thought it would never come, and I’d be sober for most of the evening.”

Asked what time he eventually saw someone else walk past with a beer he told us “Quarter past ten this morning. In fact, it was getting on to twenty past.”

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