Friday 27 August 2021 by Davywavy

Classy Glaswegian restaurant just grates a light sprinkling of batter onto your food

Grated batter served in restaurant

Glasgow – The Grand Scots, Glasgow’s latest and classiest fine-dining experience, is really pushing gastronomic boundaries by just grating from a lump of the finest batter onto your food.

Delivered in a quiet, refined atmosphere, the Grand Scots gives customers the option of having their batter grated at-table from a lovingly prepared block, or ground from a huge pepper grinder.

“We really wanted to take Glaswegian cuisine and make it something different whilst respecting our roots,” said head food designer Simon McWilliams.

“Such as a Waygu beef slice with a batter jus, or our haggis terrine infused with essence of batter.

“And then our signature cocktails, like The Glasgow Kiss – a delicate preparation of 20-year-old Whisky, Tennents Super and uncooked batter served with deep-fried anise fritters.”

When asked if the restaurant would consider serving dishes without a batter garnish, even if only the desserts like Apricot Sorbet with lime trim, McWilliams called our reporter a ‘fuckin plate’ and headbutted him.

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