Chelmsford man unsure where to apply for Tory donor to pay for his new conservatory

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A Chelmsford man has been left confused by the process he needs to go through to apply for a Tory donor to cover the costs of his new conservatory.

Simon Williams had a new conservatory fitted in June, but it turned out to be more expensive than he expected and so decided to take up the option of having a leading Tory donor pay for it.

“I’ve been on the Government website, and it’s really unclear,” said Mr Williams.

“I mean, there must be a standard procedure that you go through to get a prominent Tory donor to pay for your building work, or else how would Boris have been able to do it, but I just can’t find anything on the website.”

Since the revelation that Lord Brownlow paid for Boris’s flat redecoration, Mr Williams has tried to make direct contact.

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“He doesn’t want to take my call,” continued Mr Williams.

“I think that might be because he thinks I want him to pay for the conservatory, and I don’t. I mean, not unless he wants to. I just want him to point me to the official process you go through to get a Tory donor to pay for works being completed on your property. He must have been through it. That’s all I need.”

Mr Williams is getting increasingly desperate about the situation.

“I really need to get this sorted. The conservatory company is getting really quite insistent about their invoice, and unless I can find out how to apply for a Tory donor to pay it then I’m going to have to pay it myself.

“Which, as I understood it, we don’t need to do anymore.”

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