Thursday 26 August 2021 by Mark Molloy

Man furious after neighbour left out complete wrong colour bins for him to copy

Man putting out the wheeley bins

A man is furious today after his irresponsible neighbour left out the completely wrong colour of bins last night for him to copy and leave out himself.

Simon Williams, who hasn’t actually checked which bins he should leave out himself since he moved in, realised his neighbours’ stupid mistake after watching the binmen drive past this morning completely ignoring his black bin.

Speaking earlier, whilst dragging the bin back inside he told us, “What a total idiot, how can he get this so wrong?

“I specifically checked which bins needed to go out last night, by looking out of my window at what the neighbours had done and copying them like I always do.

“I thought it was strange as Tony had left out his black bin, and mine was almost empty, apart from a couple of tins, and my green one was completely overflowing, it didn’t make any sense.

“Anyway, it turns out he’s totally fucked it up, the useless piece of shit, he should have put the green one out, and the black bin collection isn’t until next week.

“I wouldn’t mind, but it’s not rocket science to go online and just check. Why didn’t he just do that?

“Now I have no room in the green bin for at least another couple of weeks, all because this guy doesn’t even know how to check which bin should be going out for the binmen.

“I just hope he gets it right next week or I’ll have to go round and have a word.”

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