Banana to sue The Velvet Underground over ‘exploitative’ album cover

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A banana has announced plans to sue The Velvet Underground over reports that it had been depicted in an ‘exploitational’ way.

The banana – which appeared partially peeled in several publicity shots to mark the album’s anniversary a few years ago – said it was just a humble fruit and is a bit short of ready money these days.

“I have to admit that I was the pick of the bunch, but still the greengrocer should have known better at the time,” said banana Simon Williams.

“For many years I thought the image was harmless, even funny, and then I got round to listening to the album and discovered a lot of the songs have a subtext about, you know, willies and stuff and realised that maybe I’d been depicted in an exploitative way.

“What makes it worse is I got a Lou Reed tattoo a few years ago and now people think that means I was a fan of Lou Reed and appreciated what he’d done for my career.”

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Lawyers for The Velvet Underground said the band planned to a-peel.