Dominic Raab currently doing a phone call

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It has been announced that Dominic Raab is doing a phone call. A big, important phone call that could have all sorts of consequences.

It is understood that he got into his office this morning and everyone went ‘Oh Mr Raab, thank heaven you’re here. There’s a really important phone call that needs doing and you’re brilliant at doing phone calls’.

Mr Raab immediately went into his office, sat down and began doing the phone call. He is still doing it.

“I don’t think many people realise how impressive Dominic is at doing phone calls,” said an aide.

“He sits down and holds the receiver up against his ear. Then he talks for a bit, then stops talking, then talks again. It’s a real sight to see, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who can do phone calls quite like Dominic.

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“I mean, criticise him for anything, but not for doing phone calls. Trust me, when it comes to doing phone calls, he’s the world champion.”

It is expected that when he’s successfully finished doing this big, important phone call, he’ll probably do another big, important phone call, and do it brilliantly, because he’s Dominic Raab and doing important phone calls is what he does.

Except that Afghanistan one, of course. Couldn’t find the number. But, other than that, he is always doing phone calls, and doing them better than anyone.