Britain and USA combine mighty forces to send the Taliban a VERY angry letter

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Britain and the USA are getting together to buy a stamp this afternoon.

After the Taliban took Afghanistan once more, following twenty years of insurgence, training and sacrifice from Western armed forces, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately leapt into action.

“Dear BASTARDS,” began Boris Johnson, in his draft of a very angry letter to the Taliban.

“Now hang on, that’s… that’s TOO angry,” suggested President Biden, “We want them to feel admonished, not offended.”

“OH well bugger it all…” grumbled Johnson, crumpling up the paper into a ball and throwing it towards a bin overflowing with similar crumpled balls of paper.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said, “It is cute watching them try to write a letter between them, but a lot of us rather feel that military action would send a clearer message.

“Or a drone strike! These two usually bloody LOVE a drone strike. I don’t know what’s happened to them.

“Is… is that a typewriter? Joe is using a TYPEWRITER?

“Jesus… we’re going to be here for hours.”