‘The Afghans should have been braver to protect their people’, insists man too scared to get a jab to protect UK’s people

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A man has today explained that Afghanistan has fallen under Taliban control because the men there were not brave enough to fight a large group of well-armed opponents to the death to protect their citizens, despite not being brave enough to a small jab in his arm to protect the nation’s citizens.

Simon Williams, 45, explained in a social media post, “If I’d have been there I’d have taken the fight to them – definitely.  All it needs is a bit of bravery, and I have that in spades, there is no one braver than me when I’m sat here in the comfort of my ergonomic chair in front of the computer.

“If they really wanted to protect the people of Afghanistan, they would have been brave enough to take up arms and go into battle.  That’s what you do when the lives of those around you are at stake, you have to be brave, and sometimes selfless.”

However, when a friend pointed out that he was too scared to get a jab to protect those around him, he insisted it was different.

He replied, “No, that’s because the jab is experimental, and could be dangerous, so a little bit of fear is a perfectly reasonable reaction, whereas the Taliban is nothing to be frightened of.

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“I’d be more than brave enough to repel an army of well-armed insurgents in they threatened this country, just don’t ask me to head down to the local leisure centre to get vaccinated to protect the people in this country.”