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Dominic Raab to deal with Afghanistan as soon as he’s finished Men Behaving Badly boxset

Dominic Raab watching TV

Apparent Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has confirmed that he will get to work on the Afghanistan situation just as soon as he’s finished the Men Behaving Badly boxset that Gavin Williamson leant him for his holidays.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the situation in Afghanistan is a very grave one indeed,” said Mr Raab.

“And, as soon as I’ve finished Men Behaving Badly, I’ll give it my fullest attention.

“Have you seen it? I can’t believe I missed it when it was on. It’s about these two men who share a flat and they drink beer and do farts and go to the pub. It’s hilarious.

“I’m on about series three now, and there’s five or six in total, but I’m going through it fairly quickly. It’s one of those where you just have to watch just one more episode. I pop an episode on while I’m having fish fingers for my lunch, then I watch another one and the afternoon’s just gone.

“It’s so much better than watching the news which, frankly, is just really depressing right now.”

Mr Raab estimated that he should be finished with the boxset and ready to start dealing with Afghanistan by the weekend. Monday at the latest.

He went on, “Yes, Monday seems right. Oh, unless Saj remembers to bring in his Only Fools and Horses boxset he promised to lend me. In which case, it’ll be the end of next week.

“I love it when they drop that Chandelier. Classic.”

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