Priti Patel pens scathing attack on Taliban for setting back by years her dream of a white Britain

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Home secretary and extremely confused white nationalist, Priti Patel, has used a guest column in the Daily Mail to highlight how the Taliban’s cruelty and medieval view of women could endanger her Herculean efforts in trying to ethnically cleanse the UK.

It read. “It is a crying shame that the Taliban’s seizure of power will inevitably result in a wave of brown immigrants that I can’t lock up in derelict army camps because some ex-soldier MP will start blubbing on social media and make a big fuss about their former translator going on hunger strike.

“For nearly two years I’ve sweated day and night to create a country that will never again have to take in the likes of my parents.

“I have broken laws by the dozen including the sodding Geneva Convention, made our nation a byword for NIMBY racism and even stood by while Nigel Farage attacked the RNLI for wanting to stop people drowning. Not since the days of the Empire have government policies been so nakedly racist – and that’s all thanks to me.

“But now we’re going to be swamped with ethnic migrants that we can’t even demonise just because they pulled a few Royal Marines out of a firefight. It will be like the Ghurka episode all over again!”

Ms Patel also wrote that simple willpower was all that was needed to keep Afghans in Afghanistan.

She explained, “Put me in charge of operations there. Anyone who knows me can be certain I could see the bodies of dead soldiers coming in daily by the planeload and it wouldn’t even wipe the smirk from my face.”