Nando’s introduce ‘All the chicken you can eat’ option across Europe due to excellent supply chain

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Nando’s has introduced a new ‘all you can eat’ option at restaurants across Europe today due to having lots and lots of chicken thanks to their really efficient supply chains.

With news emerging today of a number of restaurants closing in England and Wales due to a shortage of supplies, discounts will be offered in all outlets across Europe from today due to everything running really smoothly and deliveries running on time, across mainland Europe.

A spokesperson for Nando’s revealed, “Everything’s fine, we’ve got chicken all over the place, well, in Europe.

“All of the lorry’s are running on time with no issues at any borders and no lack of EU drivers to deliver all the supplies.

“There’s no problem with hold-ups due to constant red tape and various complications with workers and imports of essential ingredients, between the European countries in which we operate.

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“In fact, it’s going bloody great and we can’t wait to serve our lovely peri peri chicken, to everyone in Europe.”

Asked if he has any idea as to the cause of the problems preventing the opening of restaurants in England, we were told “I just can’t put my finger on it.

“Something to do with Br… erm…. What’s that word …Brex…. Not sure….. oh yes, it must be Covid.”

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