Tuesday 17 August 2021

Wise Internet sage transitions seamlessly from expertise in epidemiology to expertise in Afghan geopolitics

wise Internet sage

A man on Twitter has today segued neatly from explaining the epidemiological aspects of coronavirus to perfectly explaining what’s gone wrong in Afghanistan.

35-year-old Simon Williams has wasted no time in explaining to anyone who’ll listen, and interrupting the conversations of those who won’t, the reasons why Afghanistan has gone to shit so quickly.

He explained, “As I’ve been telling everyone since I read about it yesterday, Afghanistan is basically thirty-odd regional provinces, and many of those are extremely religious and actually supportive of hardliners like the Taliban, so I’ve always said the exit of the US was doomed to fail.

“And when I say I’ve ‘always’ said it was doomed to fail, I mean ever since I learned enough about Afghan geopolitics during the day yesterday to make it seem like I’ve always known what would happen.

“And no, I don’t have any Tweets on the subject of Afghanistan before yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t position myself as an expert on the matter who saw this coming from a mile away.

“It’s much like how I often lecture people on things like PCR test cycles, and ACE inhibitors despite having no medical qualifications, having conducted no medical research, and having no work experience in the field.  I can do this simply because I read a couple of articles about these subjects last year.

“I actually think one of my many strengths is my ability to absorb a tiny amount of information about a subject and then feel confident enough to lecture people about it, in public.

“Dunning Kruger? Never heard of it mate, but if you come back tomorrow I will confidently explain to you what it is, why your position on it is incorrect, and why I’ve always said that.”

The first rule of Dunning Kruger Club is you don’t know you’re a member of Dunning Kruger Club – get the T-shirt!

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