Man determined not to let complete lack of knowledge on Afghanistan situation stop him giving his opinion

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A man is determined that a complete lack of any understanding or knowledge of the current situation in Afghanistan will not prevent him from offering his opinion on the matter, both publicly, and loudly.

“I refuse to be deterred,” said Simon Williams, a man who believes Afghanistan is in Africa.

“I’ve got opinions on Afghanistan. Important opinions. Opinions that other people should hear. Just because I understand nothing about the situation and have pretty much no factual knowledge about the country, I’m not going to be cowed into silence!”

It is expected that Mr Williams will take to social media site Twitter in order to give his opinions.

“Yes, I should think that will be the best place,” he confirmed.

“A tweet is really the perfect format to express an opinion with no factual knowledge to back it up.

“Although, I’m not going to discount Facebook. I mean, even though the lack of the character limit will really lay bare my utter ignorance of the situation on which I’ve offered an opinion, utterly unsubstantiated opinions can be really tremendously popular on Facebook, so that may work out well.”

Although Mr Williams has refused to offer any hint of what his upcoming opinions may be, it is thought they will simply be restatements of his long-held political beliefs about Brexit, Trump, and Jeremy Corbyn but preceded with the phrase ‘I think the situation in Afghanistan really proves what I’ve always said about…”

Just like 90% of opinions about Afghanistan that are currently being expressed on social media at the moment.