Phwoar-don Brown! Ex-PM to strip for Playboy cover shoot

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Ex-Labour leader and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has set Westminster pulses racing with the news that he intends to bare all in a steamy shoot for Playboy magazine.

The Renfrewshire firebrand has vowed that the photoshoot will leave nothing to the imagination as he intends to show off all his ample charms in a series of fully nude pictures that will leave his long-term supporters gasping.

“Gordon’s always been comfortable with his sexuality, and very at ease with his naked body,” said ex-Chancellor and friend Alistair Darling.

“I’m really not surprised that he wants to explore these more sensual aspects of his personality and, let’s be honest, give his supporters something they’ll have been wishing for a long time.”

The shoot will be accompanied by an explicit interview in which Mr Brown lays bare his thoughts on sex, from his bedroom tips to revelations about the string of affairs with powerful men that he maintained throughout his time as an MP, including at least one leader of the opposition.

“I don’t know how much this came over to the public, but Gordon’s was a very broad-minded cabinet,” continued Mr Darling.

“People would often be naked, threesomes weren’t uncommon. I remember one time during the 2008 Financial crash, I urgently needed to discuss the crisis with RBS almost running out of money, so I went up to the flat above Number 10 and found Gordon in bed with Harriet [Harman] and Ed [Balls].

“The four of us formulated a solution to what was a very serious situation and then I went back to Number 11 and those three went back to bed together.

“That was just the sort of administration Gordon ran, and it was very reflective of him as a man, as I think this Playboy shoot will show.”

The shoot will take place on Mr Brown’s luxury yacht, moored in his home town of North Queensferry on the Firth of Forth, and will appear in next month’s issue of Playboy.

It is thought to be the most explicit photo shoot by an ex-Prime Minister since Harold Wilson went topless for a centre spread in Razzle in 1978.