Tearful Messi tells reporters, ‘I would do anything to stay at Barcelona… except play for less than £50m a year’

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A tearful Lionel Messi has given his farewell press conference at Barcelona today declaring he would have done anything to stay at his beloved club, apart from play for less than about €50m a year, obviously.

With the Barcelona legend now likely to sign for PSG after failing to agree a further deal with the club, a visibly upset Messi told the Spanish media he tried everything humanly possible to stay at the club, which didn’t include playing for an amount the football industry would consider ‘normal’.

Speaking earlier he sobbed, “I would do anything, literally anything to continue to play at this club.

“Apart from taking a further pay cut to enable them to afford me of course – like being paid the average wage of our first-team for example.

“I cannot believe this is happening. I am happy here, my family is happy here and I cannot bear to leave.

“Which is why I am going to PSG where they will continue to pay me extortionate amounts of money every year which I don’t even really need to add to my €400m fortune.

“If there was any way I could stop this from happening, I would. I would move heaven and earth to stay at the club I love. If the process of moving heaven and earth paid approximately a million Euros a week.

Asked if he would play for the club for, say, €1m per month for a couple of years he told us, “Fuck off”.