Alok Sharma warns of imminent climate catastrophe unless we change the behaviour of people like Alok Sharma

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Business Secretary and president of the COP 26 conference, Alok Sharma, had delivered a stark message to his counterparts that the planet could no longer withstand the irresponsible actions of hypocrites who talk about saving the planet but then fly across the world just for a chat.

In an open letter published behind the paywalls of several right-wing newspapers, Mr Sharma openly criticised politicians who use eco-conscious language but whose very actions betray a stunning ignorance or complete disinterest in climate change.

It said, “Southern Europe is on fire and this is in no small part due to idiots who are so full of themselves they think their personal magnetism is needed to achieve any result in discussions, even though the world has been working via Zoom for the past two years.

“We see established political parties happily nurture in their midst climate deniers, even calling some of them Lords. We see country leaders waffle meaningless terms about being world-leaders in green tech yet authorise large scale fossil fuel extraction in coal mines and oil fields.

“The cynicism is so blatant that I’ve seen upper-class politicians wearing hi-viz jackets like some sort of proletariat cosplay in front of the same wind generators they spent a decade attacking to soothe the curtain-twitching NIMBYs who dominate their constituency parties.”

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Asked what kind of action he was personally willing to take in order to reduce his carbon footprint, Mr Sharma pointed out the green initiatives he has taken.

“Well, just last week I took a 3-hour helicopter flight above the Amazon rainforest so that people in Chiswick understand why they must buy an electric vehicle.

“No, I don’t want to discuss what car I drive.”

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