New talent show to see talent show producers pitch new talent show

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Channel 5 has commissioned a brand-new talent show in which talent show producers pitch a new talent show to a group of TV commissioners.

The show will be open to professional and amateur talent show producers alike and will see initial mass pitches at events around the country over summer before the best producers are selected for the ten-week series.

During the series, talent show producers will be knocked out every week until a grand final which will reward the successful producer with a commission to produce their very own talent show for Channel 5.

“Viewers are going to go on a real journey with these talent show producers,” said Stewart James – producer of the talent show producers’ talent show.

“We’ll see them from the initial talent show pitch, through weekly meetings with commissioners as they receive notes, revise ideas, launch viewer surveys and consider potential scheduling conflicts.”

However, the series won’t just be about the business of talent show production, but will also let the viewers get to know the personal stories of those talent show producer hopefuls.

“These are just normal people like you and me, except for one difference, they have a dream, a dream to make a truly ground-breaking talent show.

“Viewers will get to know them, to share in their joy when a meeting goes well, to feel their disappointment when an audience survey result is poor.

Mr James also didn’t rule out the possibility of romance.

“Hey, talent show producers are sexy people, put them all together in a high-pressure environment like this and it could get pretty steamy.”

Talent Show Idol will be on Channel 5 from September and, although unconfirmed, will probably feature Ant and Dec in one way or other.